Thursday, May 29, 2014

A while ago I said that I would try to feature one author a week on my Blog. Well today I chose Kelsey Browning Author of  the Texas Night's series.  I have read all three of the Texas Nights series books and so far I can tell you that they are wonderful, the plots are well thought out and the characters are believable and down to earth. The books are Adult for sure since there are steamy sex scenes in them.

So let me get started with a bit about each of the books. First up "Personal Assets" Book one of the Texas Nights series.

"Personal Assets" set in Shelbyville a small Texas town. Allie Shelby the local town Sex therapist is looking for someone to help her out with a little hands on experiment, Shelbyville is not exactly the best place to find a lot of help with her experiment that is until hot sexy Cameron Wright rolls back into town. Allie  literally runs into Cameron and there is a nice sizzle that takes place between them in their first encounter. It isn't long before Allie approaches Cameron with a proposition that he really just can not refuse.

Allie can not wait to start on her hands on experiment with Cameron but soon after beginning the experiment she realizes that she might just be in over her head.  Of course being a strong woman she certainly will not give up her experiment even when things get a little bit hotter than she ever thought they would.

Allie soon develops feelings for Cameron, but she can not focus on him while her business and the business of her friend Roxanne are in danger of being closed down.  She soon learns that none other than her own father is behind trying to shut her business down. He has set an impossible deadline for Allie and to make matters worse her father has brought Cameron on board to help get her business shut down. However Cameron sees the need for businesses in Shelbyville no matter what that business is. Can Allie and Cameron save both their relationship and her business?  With some help from her friends Roxanne and Eden, Camerons brother Jamie and their mother they just might stand a chance.

Next up "Running the Red Light"  Texas Nights book Two.  This is Roxanne and Jamie's story.
Roxanne owner of Red Light a lingerie store in Shelbyville is business savvy but finding the residents of Shelbyville a bit resistant to her store. She and her friends Allie and Eden decide to help out at a charity fund raiser for a cause that is near and dear to Roxanne. Jamie Wright Roxanne's attorney and Cameron's brother has become a silent partner in Roxanne's business and also a friend. After the charity event Roxanne is shocked to learn that her former employer is suing her. This is the last thing she needs on top of hunting for a new location for both her and Allie's businesses. 
Jaime jumps in and tries to help Roxanne by setting up a meeting between her former employer and her attorney and Roxanne.  To say things do not go well is an understatement.  Roxanne and Jamie have an undeniable attraction to each other. Roxanne tries to keep things business only, but soon fate and chemistry just win out.  It is dangerous for Roxanne to be involved with Jamie, she has a secret that she has been hiding since she was a kid.  Unknown to her, Jamie has already figured her secret out and is just waiting for her to trust him enough to tell him about it. Roxanne is stubborn and strong and not used to having anyone to lean on other than Allie and Eden and even they do not know her secret.
 During all the lawsuit drama, Roxanne and Allie find the perfect location to move their businesses to. They are also hoping to lure Eden into moving her business in with theirs. Jamie is not exactly happy with their choice of location, but he rolls up his sleeves and dives right in helping with repairs and renovations, even when Roxanne wishes he was no where near her. Jamie is a promise keeper and patient enough to wait for Roxanne to figure out that she not only needs him but she loves him. Question is will she figure things out in time? 
Some new characters are introduced in this book. Mac the contractor and Ashton Roxanne's former employer.  Loved it and could not put it down.

And finally book number three in the Texas Nights Series: " Problems in Paradise" (This book will not be available for purchase until July 14th 2014.)
This book starts out hot and doesn't burnout. I have loved all of the Texas Nights books. This one Beck and Edens story was perhaps the hottest out of the three. I might have to go back a re-read the other two just to make sure.

Beck protective Chief Deputy of Shelbyville a small Texas town has been interested in Eden since she moved into town. When he receives a call that Paradise cafe has been broken into and the local Sheriff has responded, Beck races to the scene knowing that the sheriff more often than not causes more trouble than he solves.

Beck arrives at the scene coming in from the alley behind Paradise cafe only to find the owner Eden Durant hanging from a fire escape twenty feet off the ground. Did I mention that it is also raining and she is dressed in a short thin robe? See I told you it starts off hot.

There has always been an under current of attraction between Beck and Eden in the other books, in this book, their story you find out so much more about Eden and why she dresses the way she does, playing down her assets and being more private and withdrawn than her friends. Eden's story is not a happy one and her past is about to come and bite her in the butt. Will she trust Beck and her friends enough to tell them all of her secrets or will she pack up, give up and run from her past yet again?

Beck is not one to give up, kind of like a dog with a bone. He wants to know Eden but she will not open up to him and he only gets small glimpses of who she really is. Why is she so scared, what or who hurt her so bad in her past that she is afraid to let anyone close to her? Beck has a past of his own that is not all that happy, so he understands why Eden is scared to open up to anyone.

I can not leave Beck's sister Clare out of this review. You know those characters that you love to hate? Yeah Clare is one of those. Nasty piece of work is what Clare is, and she does not care who she hurts. It is hard to believe she is related to Beck.

I absolutely loved this story. I love how Kelsey includes the characters from her other books in each of her books. How can Beck and Eden not come out on top with friends like Allie, Roxanne, Jamie, Cameron, Ashton and Mac? Speaking of Mac and Ashton I am hoping for a fourth book with a story about them.

Snatch Problems in Paradise up, you will not be sorry.

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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

 I follow Misty Evans on Facebook.

Operation Sheba  written by Misty Evans. 

Julia and Con are more than just partners in the CIA they have become lovers.   This time Con may have taken on the wrong terrorist group.  The Berlin assignment ends tragically and Julia is called back to Langley to recover and change her identity and job. She no longer works the field but is one of the CIA's top terrorist analyst.  She is recovering from her last assignment, has settled into her new persona and is even dating her Boss Michael tho they keep their relationship strictly business at work, no lunches together nothing to make tongues wag.  Just as their relationship starts to solidify and Julia now known as Abigail has settled into her new life and job, a few ghosts from her past pop back up in her life. 
There are enough twists and turns to keep you guessing about what will happen next. Who will win the game that has been ten years in the making?
The characters are believable and the bad guy is truly bad one that makes you wish you could help Julia put an end to this game once and for all.
This is the first book by Misty that I have ever read, and it is safe to say it will not be my last.
If you like espionage, intrigue and thrills with a bit of romance then this is the book for you.

Look Misty up on for a complete listing of her books:

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Book Review for : The Defender" Written by Adrienne Giordano
I am friends with Adrienne on Facebook.
This book has not yet been released for sale. It will be available on June 1st, 2014.  I was given an ARC copy to review.

For a complete list of books written by Adrienne Giordano please check out her web page:

FBI Agent Russ Voight was shredded to ribbons while testifying a few months ago by defense attorney Penny Hennings, he could and should have hated her for that alone. Penny Hennings was by far one of the toughest defense attorney's he had ever come across, Russ hated defense attorney's but there was something about Penny and her spunk that he had to admire. He had to admire other things about her as well.
Penny Hennings tough as nails in court, loyal, smart and knows how to play up her assets. She isn't afraid to put in long hours of research and leg work to get answers. Always trying to prove she earned her position in her father's law firm. She is one of the hardest working attorney's in the firm. Taking the tough cases. This time however she may have taken a case that will get her or someone she loves killed.
Shots are fired in broad daylight in the middle of a crowd of reporters all wanting to interview Penny and her father. Russ acts on reflex from years on the job. Who was the target Penny or her father? That question is quickly answered and protection is arranged for the entire Hennings family. Being shadowed is not something any of them enjoy.
Russ and Penny clash over her client a deal is made.
This book was full of action, twists and turns and tugs at your emotions. Adrienne did a wonderful job on this book. I could not put it down and finished it in one night. It was worth the lack of sleep. This is one you will not want to miss and will want your friends to read so that you can talk to them about it. You might as well pick up a few copies to pass out.

Monday, May 5, 2014

Today's review is for:  "Crimped to Death" A Divorced Diva Mystery Written by Tonya Kappes.
First I am friends with Tonya on Facebook and a member of her Street Team. If you would like to know more about Street Teams just ask.  The review I am posting is my honest opinion of the book and in no way influenced by my friendship with Tonya. Now onto the review.

This is a delightful mystery that will have you laughing and guessing throughout the entire book. The characters are fun, down to earth, varied and have just enough contrast and conflict to make them believable.  Set in a small town of Swanee, Kentucky. 

First you might want to know who the Divorced Divas are, they are a group of women who got together to bash, trash their ex-husbands while cheering each other up and supporting each other through all kind of troubles.  After one of the Diva's decided to take the bashing and suggested revenge plots literally instead of figuratively the Divas were paid a visit by local law enforcement who urged them to bash their ex-husbands only figuratively from then on. The Divas are en eclectic blend of women from all walks of life. They even bicker with one another the way true friends will, but they always have each others back.

Holly who runs the local beading shop and is dating Donovan the local self defense instructor/ college professor is one of the Divas.  Holly's ex Sean does not seem to like the fact that he has been replaced and likes to cause conflict for Holly whenever possible. Trust me when I say you will want to slap Sean. 
Holly and the Diva's are thrown into a murder investigation when one of Holly's specialized beading tools goes missing and one of the Diva's ex-husbands is found dead with the tool in his office. Things move ahead fast in this book and you will find yourself turning the pages to try to keep up. The plot twists and turns like a well written mystery should.  You will laugh, smack your head and keep on reading  to find out who killed the ex, who Holly will end up with if anyone and why one of the other characters seems to hate her so much.   Pick it up you won't be sorry.I can not tell you more about the book for fear of posting too many spoilers