Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Today's post is not about a book, it is about a new project and learning something new.

Way back close to twenty nine years ago I met a woman who loved to weave. She carded her own wool, spun it into yarn and she would weave these amazing blankets and rugs. She had this beautiful loom. I have wanted one ever since I saw hers. For those who have never seen a loom they can look different but the one she had looked something like this:

She and I became friends and she had begun to teach me about carding wool, with the idea that after I learned each step she would teach me to weave. Well since both our husbands were in the military, we never got to finish the lessons in carding wool since her husband was reassigned to another base and they had to move. A couple of weeks ago one of my online friends shared a link to a small board that came with instructions for a simple weaving project. I thought about it for a day or two, and then decided to order the board.

My little loom:

You can order your own by clicking the link below.

This past weekend I sat down and started my very first weaving project.  I am loving it!  I would not have ordered this board a few years ago because I just would not have had time to sit down to work on it.  With my boys grown I have a little spare time on my hands so I figured why not do something for myself?  For the last twenty-seven years I have spent my time putting my interest's on the back burner so to speak. Now is the time to start looking into what I am interested in doing and to just do it.
For all you mom's and dad's out there who find that the nest is empty and you do not know what to do with all that quite time, I encourage you to do something that you always wanted to do. Learn a new skill, go to college, buy a kayak, learn to mountain climb, take up photography. Whatever sparked an interest in you long ago, whatever you have kept a spark for over the years, now is the time to take the spark and make it a flame.
Go find yourself!!

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