Wednesday, October 1, 2014

The Search book two in the Descendant series

The Search by Kelley Grealis.

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This is the second book in The Descendant series. The Descendant series has a great twist on the subject of Vampires.  The series has a biblical base on the story line.
 This one is five stars for sure.
Allison is having trouble controlling her taste for human blood after running off in search of her husband alone. Being a newly made vampire she left before she could be taught more about control by her new family.
Her sister Marlo is finally able to find Allison and convince her to return to the family home by promising Allison that they have located Allison's husband Matt. 
Upon her return her brothers Felix, Lorenzo and Max explain how they were able to locate Matt. They agree to take her to Matt but first she must agree to their terms.  She had to stay with them so that they could help her learn to control her urge for human blood.  Allison agrees and is told where Matt can be located. She and the Drakes (her new family) leave to begin their journey to locate Matt. On the way they make a stop to save a family from some other vampires. It is here that Allison learns that her worst enemy is still very much alive and it is here that she comes face to face with the man who stole her humanity from her.
She also meets an important vampire and she and the Drakes are ordered to report before the vampire council the following night.
At the meeting the Drakes are given twenty-four hours to locate Vincent and return with him, while Allison remains with the council as their prisoner.  It is in prison that Allison meets  Jal a Gypsy who comes to free her and help her escape. Jal also tells Allison that the trip she and the Drakes had planned to take to find Matt would be a waste of time because Matt is not where they think he is.  Jal then gives Allison the answer she needs to find Matt.
This one is full of  unexpected plot twists and a battle that you will not soon forget. 
Wait until you finally witness the reunion of Allison and Matthew.  Is Matthew who Allison thinks he is? Does he still love her?
You will also want to know if Vincent is really a good guy or a bad guy, are the Drakes really everything they claim to be? Do they really want what is best for Allison?
Those questions I am sure will be answered in "The Truth" which will be released October 21st. Look for the Blog tour for "The Truth" I will be posting my review and I am part of the tour so you can come back here the week of October 22nd and learn more about "The Truth" and the tour.

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  1. Thank you for the fang-tastic review of The Search! I can't wait to see what you think about what happens in the 3rd book!